Our Duelists


In this section, we will highlight some of our duelists. Just like in the Star Wars galaxy, our duelists include Jedi and Sith from different species and cultures. Each duelist has a specific class that best fits their fighting style and has achieved a rank based on their level of experience. These profiles also include a summary of who each duelist is, from their preferred lightsaber forms to some personal details. So come and learn about each of our duelists and pick your favorite!

Malice1 - EDITED.PNG
Atin Kal1 - EDITED.PNG
Kuro Okami1 - NEW.png
D'abel Krava1 - EDITED.PNG
Hayden Strike1.png


Copikla1 - EDITED.PNG
Luna Nu1.png
Katansei1 - EDITED.png
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