Have a question for us? Feel free to check down below to see if we can answer it for you. If you don't see it down below, reach out to us through the Contact Us page and we'll get that question answered as quickly as possible. 

1. Who are you?
We are a bunch of Star Wars fans that wanted to learn the seven different lightsaber forms as a competitive performance martial art. Our interpretation of these forms pre-dates the Praxeum and was passed down from twenty generations of master to apprentice.


2. Are you affiliated with Disney and/or Lucasfilm?

We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Disney and/or Lucasfilm.

3. Are you part of the 501st Legion, Saber Legion, or another Star Wars group?
We are an independent, West Virginia-based group that is not directly affiliated with any other costuming or lightsaber organizations. We have enjoyed working with some of these groups in the past and hope to continue doing so.


4. Are your duels choreographed?
While we try to create movie-like performances, the majority of our duels are entirely unchoreographed. We use a competitive, turn-based system to balance showmanship and martial skills. For story-telling purposes, we will sometimes incorporate a choreographed element or have a pre-determined winner.


5. Will you perform at my event?
The Praxeum is happy to consider events of any size or type. We have performed for small private events, fundraisers, community events, and large comic con audiences. Because we are a small group of volunteers, we may be limited in the distance we can travel or the number of events we can take on in a single season, so contact us early!


6. What do you charge for event appearances?
Our instructors and members are all volunteers and we do not charge for our classes or events. However, we do encourage you to make a donation to our charity of the year.


7. Will you allow members of the audience to join in?
We love interacting with other Star Wars fans; however, our dueling system is unique and does involve a level of skill. We are happy to cross blades with audience members, especially children, but this will be handled on a case-by-case basis and will be limited to casual encounters, not formal duels. This extends to members of other lightsaber groups, who must discuss their system with our council before we consider a joint performance.


8. Will you appear in costume for an event?
Yes! Most of our members have their own cosplays (short for “costume play”), but some may appear in Praxeum shirts or other professional attire. We prefer to allow our members to be creative rather than only wear movie-accurate costumes and unfortunately we do not have specific character costumes on hand. If you would like us to appear in a Star Wars costume that you own or rent, we are happy to discuss.


9. Do I need to be athletic to join? 
No. As long as you can walk and swing a sword, you’ll be able to do the basics. This can be great exercise though!


10. How much does it cost to join?
There is NO membership fee. We are an “unofficial” not-for-profit organization. The main cost will be your lightsaber which can range from $70 and upward. The majority of expenses are paid by individual members, but we do accept donations to help ease this burden. When we attend events such as different Cons, members pay for themselves. 


11. Do I need to have my own lightsaber? 
No - we have foam training weapons to help start you off and you aren’t required to have your own lightsaber until later in your training. If you do decide to buy a lightsaber right away, we recommend talking to use first about our blade and hilt standards.


12. When and where do you practice? 
We practice every week, but it can vary on location, time, and day. To find out what our current schedule is, message us today! The schedule is always subject to change to benefit the students as a whole.


13. How do I join? 
You can message our Facebook page right here, or email us at outerrimpraxeum@gmail.com. At your first practice, we will give you a “Faction Test” to see what faction (Jedi/Sith) and what class best fits you. Each class focuses on different lightsaber forms and fighting styles.


14. How long does it take to become a good duelist?
Everyone learns differently so everyone advances at different paces. Like many other sports/hobbies, the more time you invest, the better you will become. Some of our members have been with us for over five years now. 


15. Is this dangerous? 
As with all things that include swinging a stick at someone, yes – this can be dangerous. We do have a safety waiver that goes into detail about potential risks, but we do train our members in control to minimize the dangerous aspect of dueling.


16. Do you have an attendance policy?
Yes. We do expect members to attend regularly. If you aren’t able to make a practice, please inform us so we can plan accordingly.


17. Do you allow minors to join?
For safety reasons, you must be at least 16 years old to join. We have some extra conditions for underage members, including meeting with a parent/guardian, so please message us to discuss.


18. Do I need to cosplay? Will I have to role-play?
Cosplays are encouraged, but not required. They do have to be approved if you wish to wear one. We have LARP elements, but it is not our primary focus. Although the Praxeum focuses on martial arts-type dueling, we do require our members to create a Star Wars persona to assist with the performance aspect of what we do. This helps duelists to customize their fighting style, be more comfortable in front of an audience, and can be a lot of fun!


19. Are there responsibilities as a member? 
Yes. Since our instructors are all volunteers, we expect each member to contribute in helping the Praxeum thrive. You can help to accomplish this by developing your skills as a lightsaber duelist, volunteering when something needs done, and other responsibilities listed in the handbook. You get out what you put in. 


20. What if I need a ride?
It is up to the individual to find their own ride for each event/practice. Some of our members volunteer to provide rides, but we can’t guarantee it. For safety purposes, we don’t provide rides to minors.


21. Is there a sexual harassment policy?
Yes! DO NOT DO IT! We want to provide a safe and welcoming environment.


22. Am I going to be photographed or filmed?
We do take pictures and film practices and events. If you would like to be excluded from this, please inform us and we will try our best not to take your photo or film you.